Weight Loss is easy—even for patients who live out of town.

We’ve had many people reach out to us wanting to use our program, but they live in another state, or even in other countries. Don’t worry; it is almost always still possible to benefit from our program, no matter where you’re from. We frequently treat ‘out of town’ patients, and have had a lot of success with helping them reach their weight loss goals.

Initial Consultation

Many of our out of town patients fly in to town for their initial consultation. There are many great hotels, shops, restaurants and other things to do within a short walking distance, so this can be a great option if you are able. The initial consultation is very valuable as it lets us create a custom plan to help you achieve your goals.

Is the Initial Consultation Required?

While it is highly recommended, it is not required in every case. It is possible for the initial consultation to be completed over the phone if you will be unable to make it to the area for the appointment. In addition to the phone consultation, you’ll have to fill out an online form related to your medical and weight loss history. In these instances, our staff will schedule extra time to spend with you just prior to the actual procedure to help ensure all your questions and concerns are answered. If lab tests or other referrals are needed, they can be completed prior to the actual visit to our office.

What if I Make an Appointment but I am not a Good Candidate?

If you have never had a consultation with us before and you find that you are not happy with the anticipated results, or the staff here decides you are not a good candidate for the weight loss program, you will be refunded your full deposit.

What Airport is Closest to Your Offices?

The closest airport is ATL, which has flights from all the major airlines coming in every day. The estimated drive from the airport to our office is about 30 to 50 minutes, depending on traffic.

How early should I arrive for my Appointment?

Ideally you should arrive at the airport at least a few hours prior to your appointment. If possible, arriving the day before is ideal to avoid any potential problems. Make sure you arrive at our offices on time as we can’t accommodate patients who are late.

Do I need to bring anything or Purchase Supplies before my Procedure?

No. All the medications, supplies and other items you will need for your procedure and recovery will be supplied. Any medications that you need prior to the appointment will be either given at your initial consultation, or shipped directly to your house for maximum convenience. It is important to make sure you download and read through the pre and post-procedure instructions before you arrive at our offices.

Are Follow-Up Appointments Required?

We highly recommend our out of town patients come to follow-up appointments to maximize their weight loss. We can help to schedule your appointments for days and times that work for your schedule.